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Trophy Fenn (by Brindle) by etheras

Trophy Fenn (by Brindle)


Harken to me, my subjects!

How can a big underworld boss resist the temptation of a fennec trophy captive? They cannot repel adorableness and soft fluffiness of this magnitude! (Its a trap!) XP

Okay enough puns. This was supposed to be a Star Wars tribute uploaded for the release of Rogue One, so I intended to upload this yesterday but I was SO TIRED after the movie that I just went straight to bed. So here it is today. Please enjoy!

Artwork by Pettifog
Etheras the Fennec (c)
Mama Mambra the Crocodile also (c)
Star Wars franchise (c) Disney

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    Got captured by the big-lipped alligator? ;P

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        Good f'nnec! ;D