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Let Them Eat Cake (by Atryl) by etheras

Let Them Eat Cake (by Atryl)


Harken to me, my subjects.

Before anyone asks, I close to cosplay Etheras as Widowmaker rather than Pharah because Widowmaker is a better personality and style match. Pharah... even with her outright and malicious copying my eye makeup... (that's a joke BTW) she's too much of a goodie-two-shoes, and too much of a frontline military character. Etheras fits better as more of an assassin.

I've been playing Overwatch all week. What's so good about it? Glad you asked!

First off - The variety of interesting characters and Maps.
Second - The balance is really great
Third (although this should probably be first) - the gameplay is super tight and smooth. I've been following their development process very closely, and I'm extremely impressed with some of the technology that they invented to make the game run so well, particularly the netcode. It really feels like there's no lag at all. I've only gotten killed once where I call total ping BS (so far).
Forth - A lot of satisfying guns and tools.
Fifth - Unlockables that I want but aren't unbalancing.
I'm sure there are other things too, but this is just what I am thinking as I post this amazing artwork.

Is it perfect? Of course not. But I'm sure future tweaks and patches will address some of those issues. The one thing that is really missing from the game is single player. I realize that sounds stupid for a game that's basically a mashup of Team Fortress 2 + Heroes of the Storm, but hear me out. Before the game even launched, we were introduced to an interesting world, populated by interesting heroes. We were given a few short movies to introduce us to the world and the characters - and these movies were brilliant. Amazingly-well written, animated, and paced. We know from these movies that there is a lot of depth to the Overwatch universe. There's backstories to the characters. And yet - this fiction is left out of the game. I'd really like to see short single-player campaigns for each character so we can get to know their backstory and the world of Overwatch.

Anyway - that's my take. Hope to see you ingame.

Artwork by Atryl
Etheras the Fennec (c)
Widowmaker (c) Blizzard Entertainment Corp / Activision

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    I was just learning about the French Revolution and I just have to ask: what does this have to do with it?

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      This is an Overwatch reference. "Let them eat cake" is one of Widowmaker's sayings in-game. She's french, and an unfeeling villainess, so I felt that it was a particularly appropriate saying for her to make. Hence; why I titled this submission after it.

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      Just to make it clear.... this is a reference to a video game, in which one of the characters is making a reference to Marie Antoinette. So yes, its a reference to a reference. Maybe its not the best title, but I was tickled when I was playing the game and heard her say scornfully "Let them eat cake", since I'm a bit of a history buff XP

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        Yeah, I saw the description about the video game but I was still confused because the video game didn't seem to have anything to do with the French Revolution. Thanks for clearing that up.