Fox... or Bunny? (by MoodyFerret) by etheras

Fox... or Bunny? (by MoodyFerret)


2 May 2016 at 17:10:51 MDT

Originally for easter a few years ago... still trying to catch Weasyl up to the other furry art sites!

Happy Easter, my subjects!

I was confronted awhile back by a friend lamenting the lack of any good way to celebrate Easter in artwork. Christmas... Halloween... these are very easy holidays to get sexy themed art for. But Easter? Unless you have an egg fetish (I think that's kinda gross, personally) its pretty hard to do.

But then I got to thinking.... I could be a "bunny". ^.^

Anyway: Enjoy!

And of course the artwork is by MoodyFerret who did a great job on this. She's always so good at costumes...

If you enjoy seeing Etheras in cute outfits, here is some more art by MoodyFerret featuring Etheras in costume:

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