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Strike a Pose (by Jing) by etheras

Strike a Pose (by Jing)


Meldon pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose, focusing the lenses on the specimen before him, but his glasses never quite balanced correctly on this bridge of his long equine snout. He fussed with them for a moment, slightly envious of his assistants crowding in around him, in their unhindered perception of the fruits of his hard work and dedication. One of these days he hoped to have the time to repair himself as he had so many others... As he repaired this one: his masterpiece.

“Any tingling? Numbness? Strange sensations or phantom sensory perception?” asked Meldon, who checked the fennec boy’s vitals streaming colorfully across a tablet while slowly stroking his fur. Such magnificence...!
“Nothing.” Etheras replied, not even meeting Doctor Meldon’s eye as the horse examined him. The fennec’s youthful body, a picture of perfection, his fur shined in the light like a pearl - its complexion so exquisite as to instantly fill the heart with terror and self-consciousness at one’s own imperfections. It was as if one were in the presence of the divine.
It was as-if the fox was a visitor from another better cleaner, purer plane of existence, because how could the filthy matter of this reality make up something as lovely as this? Could it? Meldon knew it could - but only with great care.

It was a new cosmetic trend among the rich elite - nanosculpting. But Lord Etheras had taken it a step further and hired Meldon - the finest nano engineer in the galaxy, to be his personal aesthetic artist. Once a week, Meldon would prepare The Bath - a silvery metallic fluid that was actually mostly water - lightly salted and perfumed - but saturated with trillions of microscopic robots. Etheras would slide his lithe effeminate form into the warm metal-water, and Meldon would activate the program. The nanomachines would come alive, and following the program coordinated and dictated through the conductive fluid by a governing computer, it would run through the tasks tailored for the specific needs of the Lord Etheras’s body. They would swim along, using tiny lasers to read the makeup of each micron of fur, skin, cell, the health of every telomere of every strand of DNA, and with those lasers the imperfections were delicately excised and replaced with only the finest molecules, carefully constructed from the best isotopes of the best atoms for their chosen function. The result was fur without even a single atom that wasn't planned perfection. He had a pelt where every individual fur was completely uniform texture, color, and the proper length. He had eyes that glowed of radiant health with vision as precise as the limitations of biology would allow, of just the right color. Bones and teeth that were virtually unbreakable, cells that did not age, and a nanomachine immune system that no infectious agent or poison overcome. He was a creature of such impossible perfection that he couldn't be real. To actually be in his presence, one felt as if they were in a dream, because something in the psyche had difficulty accepting that this fennec could be a reality.

The fennec carefully cultivated this perception, using it to further his mystique and the dread and foreboding in his enemies. Heady intoxicating musks laced with powerful mind-controlling aphrodisiacs wafted subtly from genetically engineered scent glands.

None could resist him. "I think you're ready, your grace." Meldon said. "Everything seems perfect.. more than perfect, in fact." And it was true. The nanomachines had peaked their capabilities years ago, but Etheras's stats were ascending still, as-if unwilling to let perfection stand in the way of his potential. As-if his body knew more about what could-be and should-be than the scientific understanding had ever reached.

The fennec smirked, "We shall see." he said in his light musical voice... yet another of the boi's gifts. Etheras slid down from the examination table and began sliding his clothing on. Meldon felt a heart-pang of regret as the young fennec's cute little sheath disappeared under the silk thong sliding up the boy's perfect rump.

"Will you be attending the show?" asked Etheras. Meldon snapped out of his thoughts and realized for a moment that he had been staring.
"Oh, um.... no. I was unable to secure tickets." replied the old stallion. The shows were typically for visiting dignitaries and their spouses, aimed at indoctrination and conversion, but today would be a little different. This day's show would showcase Greater Nubia's technological supremacy in the areas of genetic manipulation and nanotechnology. Attempting to cow the world by showing them how outdated their "advances" were, and enticing them to join the growing empire of Etheras. But Meldon was already there. He knew his innovations were revolutionary. He didn't need to see that perfect creature up on stage... he just wanted to concentrate on the boy's beauty, making him as alluring as reality was capable of doing, and having the boy all to himself for a few hours every week under the strong confident light of the examination room where he could get a good look.
The fox winked, seeming to sense his thoughts. "I will get you some for backstage. You can stare as long as you like, then."

Artwork by TheRamJing
Fennec the Fennec and Story (c)

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