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Soft Shoulder (by Jijix) by etheras

Soft Shoulder (by Jijix)


Happy weekend, my subjects!

Just another busy day at the Fennecropolis. In the morning, grooming session, then massage, then send orders to sleeper agents to further undermine world governments. Next, visit the demonstration arena to see what the lab boys have cooked up. Flog some enemy spies maybe? Must be sure to sinister-laugh and tell them my plans.

As I said: another busy day.

Artwork by jijix
Etheras the Fennec (c)

It never occurred to me until just now, how much time Etheras spends peering back over his shoulder. Kinda cute, that.

Here are a few more images of Eth peering back over his shoulder:


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    I like the way the earrings are done as gauges - how do you feel about that design?

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      I was actually thinking about that a little bit today, as I got coffee at a Dunkin Donuts and was served by someone that had gauges. I think they're really gross iRL because they make one's lobes hang down disturbingly, and they're super-distracting, but with a fennec they might not be so bad.

      Why do you want to try giving them to Etheras sometime in place of the studs?