Of the Fairies (by Brindle) by etheras

Of the Fairies (by Brindle)


11 October 2015 at 13:48:20 MDT

Greetings, my adoring subjects!

I goofed a little bit. I got some artwork for the film "Pan", which opened on Friday and then I forgot to post it! I am inclined to blame the fact that they changed the release date 3 times, but the truth is that I simply haven't looked at my calendar in the past few days. So its totally my bad.

Anyway, have some cute fairy-boy artwork of Etheras actually being a fairy boy. :) And I'll try to pay better attention in the future.

As for Pan... I was excited about it at first, but reviews have been catastrophically abysmal, so I might just wait until Netflix. Anyone seen it? Comments down below and let me know what you think! No spoilers though, ok? Thanks!

Artwork by Brindle
Etheras the Fennec (c) www.etheras.com

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