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Clan Profile - Ku'Dimali


29 February 2016 at 09:29:38 MST

I am excited to announce that I've finally finished the ten main clan profiles for my head world, TeaFeathers! With this, you get a first look at the second sapient species of this world; the Pylura. I'll eventually be making a species profile for those fellas, just like I did for the Alecani, as well as maps, building mythology and history, an lots of other fun world building material. I'll be uploading a new clan profile every three days, culminating in a size chart showing all of them!

Pylura and Alecani live in an integrated society, and have been for so long that they've evolved similar looks for their adaptations to each territory. Alecani are the winged canines you see here, more information can be found on their species profile. ( ) The Pylura are the cat people you see here. Though not winged, they are highly intelligent scientific minded animals, who value curiosity and knowledge (species profile pending). The word "Dimali" means "people", a word separate from their species identity to denote they're part of a specific group. There are ten primary tribes that control the continent this story is set, each one with unique cultural and physiological traits!

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First up the Ku'Dimali, Nym's native clan! Pylura and Alecani live in an integrated society, and have been for so long that they've evolved similar looks for each territory. The word "Dimali" means "people". The Pylura of Ku are pretty much exactly based off Somali cats, with longer tails perhaps. They're just too perfect for what I had in mind. And the Alecani of Ku are too similar to red foxes to dispute the similarities. Let's face it, red foxes are pretty darn awesome. ;) Questions welcome, I know this is just a short summary!

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    What a pretty character!
    I love the feathers on the back and the wings.

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    If they live in carved-out caves in the canyon walls, do they ever trade homes with other alecani/pylura or do they keep the same home within a biological family? The reason I ask is because it seems like there would only be so much room in a canyon to carve out new homes.

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      Fabulous question! Both Alecani and Pylura families tend to live in extended family units, encompassing occasionally new mates and adopted individuals. Family homes are passed down from one generation to the next, each new generation adding excavated rooms as needed. For creative purposes, I'm pretending there's a LOT of room in this world. XD

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        Ohhh, interesting! Sharing homes with extended family would probably be economical. But pretending there's a lot of room, for the sake of creative freedom, is also good! Thanks for answering my question!