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Alex ◆ Male ◆ 22 ◆ TX

❖ Forest Prince | Beverage Nut | Cat Whisperer | Resident Noodle ❖

❤ - coffee, tea, sushi, forests, rivers, bones, how to train your dragon, pokemon
💔 - crowds, extremists, unkempt spaces, willful immaturity/ignorance

No lewd comments, roleplaying, or internet hugs or pets please! No cutesy pet names either. I would also appreciate if you wouldn't upload my art to social media/art sites without permission.

All works created by Erithacus Creations are the intellectual property of the artist.
Not for personal use. Do not repost.

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Latest Journal

Patreon Reward Changes - PLEASE READ

on 27 July 2016 at 15:31:39 MDT

Good news and bad news! The good news is that I got a job finally! Nothing exciting, but it'll be nice to have money flowing in again. The bad news is that this means less time for art.

For the time being, I'm removing ALL art reward tiers. They WILL come back eventually, but I likely won't be able to get rewards out in a timely manner once I start working. I have a June reward to finish, and one for July next month, but after that I'll be focusing less on paid art and more on work.

Please, don't feel bad about reducing or removing your pledge entirely once the month ends and pledges go through! I don't mind at all. I'll have my first paycheck in a few weeks. I'll be fine. The $1, $5, and $10 reward tiers will remain available, since I still plan to do personal art and upload hi-res images and process videos. Until I get used to working again, Patreon will be more of a tip-jar with a bit of exclusive access.

No pressure to stay a Patron, but I have appreciated everyone's support so far! Thank you!

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