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Socket | ⚨ | UK

I draw things.

Some of those things are monster people, some of those things are creatures, a lot of those things are fanart.

And a lot of those fanarts are probably Pokémon.

Latest Journal

well hello once again!

....aaaaand that's the backlog sorted, For Real this time.

So here I am! New avatar, fresh art, Featured folder pruned, and ready to return to Weasyl. Again, hopefully For Real this time.

I love it here and I want to actually stick around to enjoy the place instead of forgetting about it and then procrastinating because I don't want to deal with uploading the backlog art.

Hello to everyone...again!

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Digital Commissions

1) Lineart
$ 16.00
2) Flat Colour
$ 24.00
3) Cel Shading
$ 32.00
4) Soft Shading
$ 42.00
add  Backgrounds
from $ 3.00
to $ 18.00

~ All prices shown are base prices for a single-character drawing - extra characters are half the base price each.

~ Basic colour/gradient/pattern backgrounds are free.

~ For simpler commission types (sketches, simple chibis, busts without much detail, etc) prices are negotiable, if the commission will be considerably easier or faster to do than a standard full-body drawing then I'm happy to drop the price accordingly.



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    You have an amazingly cute gallery and style!!

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      Thank you so much!! Your style is cute as heck too - that Marshadow in particular is adorable. :D (And thank you for the watch, too!)

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        Thank you for the feedback!
        and you're welcome! Can't wait to see more of your work! :D

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    Rawr! Because hi just doesn't cut it! :3

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    OH my god your art is so beautiful, I love your style keep it up C:
    btw do you happen to have requests open at all, Im looking for someone who can draw one of my characters and I really love your work C: <3

    • Link

      Thank you so much for all the lovely comments! I really appreciate them and I'm flattered that you like my art so much! I've still got a big ol' backlog of art to upload so there's plenty more to come.

      I'm afraid that I only take requests occasionally and I'm a little busy for them at the moment (maybe I should update my request status, thanks reminding me!) but I do take commissions if you would be interested in that.

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        oh that is ok unfortunately I cant buy commissions at this stage maybe a trade is more convenient at some point in time?
        If so when my own list is cleared up I will ask you about a trade if you do them :)

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          Sorry, I don't really do trades any more. But if I do open for sketch requests (sometimes if I'm particularly bored then the mood to take requests strikes me) then I'll definitely post a journal and you can let me know what you'd like then! :)