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A Little About Me:
A survivor of childhood abuse and neglect.
I've had Complex PTSD for around 20 years.
As a result, I have spent much of my life completely mute.
I also have retained my Eidetic Memory from early childhood.

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Ah hah! Now that I've worked my way around this site a bit, time to post my first journal!

I was thinking that I'd use this account mainly for personal artwork, but I have a lot more commissioned pieces. What do you guys think? Should I upload my commissioned art here too? I don't want my gallery to be too terribly crowded with that lovely nonsense, but it could potentially add a little bit of interest...



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    Why I am not already following you here too is beyond me

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    Beautiful artwork ! You make the eyes look so real ;.;

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    Do you have a DeviantArt, by chance?

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    Your art is just all kinds of stunning

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    huh thought I had you on my list here... well fix that.

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    Your art is amazing. I love your style, and your lighting is phenomenal. Keep up the great work!

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    Hey, thank you for the +fav!