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Hi, everybody! How are you doing today? Welcome to my page! My name is Mairead May (pronunciation: "MAY-red MAY"), But you can call me "Maizie" or "Mai" for short. I'm a pink panuki (half tanuki, half red panda) who practices imaginary witch-craft, and I live in a tree-house in a magical forest filled with fairies, with my parents and my familiar, a tiny fairy cat named Urry who lives in a charm on my necklace.

My user-name is a Japanese-style pun, a mash-up of the words "ekaki" (drawing) and "kaki no mi" (fuyu persimmon), because I draw and I'm obsessed with persimmons (or at least my fursona is). Ekaki•No•Mi is the name of my studio, where I aim to sell colorful, quirky and fantastical art-work and crafts in a variety of styles and mediums.

My ultimate goal with my art is to have fun and make people happy. I hope my art makes you happy!



Colored with Prismacolor pencils. Deluxe (marker, colored pencil, thin out-line)=5$ extra, B&W(just pencil)=5$ less, DigiDye (just pencil but digitally colorized)=10$ extra. Strung on Mardi Gras beads of your choice.
$ 15.00

Character Design Services

For the listed price, I will throw ideas around with you and customize your character bit by bit, all with your complete approval. You can then order a complimentary Full-Body Character Illustration or Basic Reference for half the price they are normally.
$ 20.00

Digital Scene

Basically giant pixel art, created using SAI and Paint.NET alternately. Flat color=10$ less.
$ 60.00

Full-Body Character Illustration

Colored with Prismacolor pencils. Deluxe (marker, colored pencil, thin out-line)=5$ extra, B&W(just pencil)=5$ less, DigiDye (just pencil but digitally colorized)=10$ extra
$ 20.00

Pixel Art

Always shaded, never flat-colored. Icons, back-ground or not, are always 10$. Bigger pixel art (like my Shark Week pictures)=5$ extra, and with back-ground they're another 5$.
$ 10.00


Digital flat-color, with five basic angles (front, 3/4 front, side, 3/4 back, and back). Basic (five angles, with outfit of your choice on the 3/4 views, plus profile info and color palette)=50$. Deluxe (five angles plus detailed break-down of outfit and several different poses to show off the extra details and personality of your character)=100$. Both types come with a design in the back-ground custom-made to suit the vibe of your character.
from $ 50.00
to $ 100.00

Traditional Scene

Colored with Prismacolor pencils. Deluxe (marker, colored pencil, thin out-line)=10$ extra, B&W(just pencil)=10$ less, DigiDye (just pencil but digitally colorized)=20$ extra
$ 40.00

I offer a great variety of art, but there's one thing that binds them all together--they're all cartoony, colorful, whimsical and based around the concept of having fun and making people of all ages happy!

I draw/make:
Original art
Any species (including hoomans)
Joke art

I don't draw/make:
Adult art (and mature content in general)
Fetish art
Mean-spirited art
Dark/scary art

And I take one commission every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If your commission takes longer than one day to complete, then I'll work on it again on the same week-day you ordered it. So, if you commissioned me on Monday, and it takes a long time, I'll work on it again the next Monday.

Also, while each variety of art comes with its own price range, I will charge extra on all types of pictures for certain other things. For instance, if your commission involves very intricate work, I will add 20$ to the price. If a picture involves more than 10 characters, I'll add 5$ for each new character, and add 15$ for a complex character.



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