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I'm on Furaffinity, too!

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I keep forgetting to post here! ;A;

Bleh, I'm terribly sorry for the lack of activity here, guys!
Seeing as I'm already quite active on Furaffinity & Tumblr, I always keep forgetting to check up on here too.

So, I've got a massive amount of stuff that I'll be posting here in a bit, and I'll try to be more active here in the future.

Stay safe & stay sweet!

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    hey dusty~

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    We frend

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    Thanks be to you for the following!

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      No problem at all, sweets~! Keep up the good work~<3

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        I shall! I am extremely jealous of how good of an artist you are btw!

        Like, ohmygoooood, your art is beautiful! <3 x3

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          Aaaaww, thank you very much~!
          Heh, I hope this doesn't come off as odd, but I'd love to be your friend! Perhaps when I'm a lot less busy we could do an art trade~ <3

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            Meep! Art trade, perhaps not. But I am open to a talk!