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Dusty Pixels / Curvy Boy / Australia

Boys always look good with big hips~
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I keep forgetting to post here! ;A;

Bleh, I'm terribly sorry for the lack of activity here, guys! Seeing as I'm already quite active on Furaffinity & Tumblr, I always keep forgetting to check up on here too. So, I've got a massive amount of stuff that I'll be posting here in a bit, and I'll try to be more active here in the future. S…

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Birthday announcement!

My birthday's July the 19th, and so I'm pretty dang excited about it. Just wanted y'all to know, because.. well. just cuz I can >w>

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I'm totally not digging how your favorites show on your profile. I kinda want people to see the work that I've made, not all the smut I fave on a bi-daily basis. I mean-

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I'm not dead, guys! <:D

Sorry that my activity here slowly drove to a hault. I guess I accidentally forgot about this place (Ooor that I forgot my login credentials. Still a big whoops ewe) So, I might still continue to check up back here on occasion, but if anyone is still interested in contacting me, I'm always active o…