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dupasahti / Female / BC, Canada

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Hello, everyone! My screen name for this site is Dupasahti; you can call me Dupa, Sahti, kelpie, sekhmet, basically anything derived by my usernames across the web. I go by kelpie-monster on DeviantART, sekhmet-novus on Tumblr, and kelpiemonster in Instagram. If you want to see if I'm worth watching, you can visit those sites to check out my stuff.
I'm a first-year university student at SFU, studying Visual Arts and Earth Sciences. Drawing and painting has been a huge integral part of my life ever since I was a little girl, and will be for the rest of my life. Sometimes I'll spend my entire day in my room drawing and ignoring school work, only to emerge for meals. :) I'll even draw on transit when going to university just to keep my hands busy. Only doodles and pen sketches, though. The SkyTrain is notorious for quivering and jerking around, easily ruining commission linework you've already spent hours on.
Feel free to message me whenever, I don't bite! Be warned, however; I'm not good at conversations. :P

So, about my art.
I'm mainly a dragon artist. C'mon, dragons are seriously awesome. There's so much you can do with them, unlike animals we have today that follow strict rules considering anatomy and colour. Usually I draw them as realistically as possible. Same goes with robots, like Transformers - something I am a huge fan of but have a hard time drawing since I like the Bayformers the most and they're so complicated! I'll draw almost anything; aliens, animals, a variety of fantasy creatures, all the way to painting landscapes.
Most of my work is done traditionally, pencil that is inked over and then coloured with pencil crayon or markers. Sometimes I'll draw completely with pencil. I do digital as well, using Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop CS2 (considering on buying Sai sometime in the near future). For most of my landscape pieces, I work in oil paint. Space paintings are typically done in acrylic for the bright colours.

There you have it, a little journal about me and my art. It's not much, but hey, it's the internet. I don't want a lot about me released.

Dupasahti. (If you're wondering, it means 'monster' in a language I created; yes, I can speak it and write it as well!)

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    Your dragons are incredible and the stories behind them awesome! It's great to see another artist who still sticks to traditional mediums as much as digital. They have a feel to them that no computer can compete with. :-) If my skills went that way, I'd still be doing it, myself. :-)

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      Thank-you so much! Yes, digital doesn't quite come up to par with traditional for me. Both do have their pros and cons, of course...I wish that traditional art had the capability of the undo button. :)

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        LOL! How many times have I reached for that useful button while working on a traditional sketch or sculpture...LOL. I can't begin to count.