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is dude on fire? (freebie raffle stream @ 6/22)

on 12 June 2020 at 01:25:01 MDT

no...i'm not litterally on fire, but at this rate with how the world is turning out to be, i might as well be XD.

hoooooooooooooooooooooly crap 2020 is definally a year alright


otherwise life update aside, i'm doing fine. i've failed my last semester due to this virus and just...not forseeing the difficulties that is online classes. i'm just about done with my major, as i hope to get a computer job of somesort...where am i going to end up? idk, but at least i had a stable job throughout all of this mess. sucks that i'm a essential worker who can't work from home and is getting paid less then most people unemployed. but i've been keeping afloat due to suprise checks, and the commissions i've been getting from you guys lately.

so from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for supporting my art passion. i hope i can at least be able to rely on commissions when i'm really at a pinch.

otherwise side notes:

commissions are open still! if you'd like one, my prices are here:

i'll be making a new commission sheet soon as well to adjust prices and to adress the confusion that i only draw tf XD...not to say that i hate all of the tf commissions i've been getting <3 ...but i'd be willing to tackle other subject matters! if you are interested, just send a note or contact me on telegram @dragonwithgames or whatever social media site you perfer.

i'll be hosting another freebie raffle stream on the 22nd of june,
so if you'd like a shot at a freebie you can fill this out:
or fill it out at the time of the stream. i'd request for you to be there when the raffle is drawn at the very least, otherwise

speaking of streams, i've been able to get into the groove of consistently streaming on monday or tuesdays, so keep your eyes peeled for when i'm streaming as well as most likely i'll stream at noon central time


Current commissions:
MaximizedNOVA - lugia tf (NSFW)
Kanza - robotic tf (unknown raiting atm)

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