Full Name: Ed Ryujin

Species: Corrupted Bahamut

Age: 28

Birthday: October 1st

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Status: Single & looking

Occupation: College Student , Looking for Part time Work , Taking Art Commissions

Location: California

About me:

Been Drawing since I was little . I'm a nice Guy ,but can defend myself if I need too.

I'll Draw whatever comes to mind as well as many Fetishes for the point of Commissions

Please Do not Beg me for Free artwork , Just because I give out Gifts Does not mean I'm open for Requests ... Honestly if you like my Artwork enough to want

a Piece of it for your own ... then Commission a work .

I WILL NOT Draw Scat , hard Vore of any type , or Sexually based Guro .

** Word about Comments & Favs ... I'd really really prefer that you take a few moments to comment my work when you Fav it ... it makes me feel like you have little care about it & just want the pretty picture ... so please drop a Comment when you fav ? **

**Reposting to Fchan or 4chan or anywhere else = A LINK TO MY PAGE HERE MUST BE PUT IN THE DESCRIPTION OR VISIBLE IN SOME WAY **

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FreeArt From Vera

on 18 November 2014 at 17:20:13 MST

Shes offering some up for a bit of an awareness boost for her page , go check her work out XD.

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