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I think I saw Death that Night by Dragonofdarkness13

I think I saw Death that Night


15 October 2013 at 17:10:36 MDT

* drawn from personal Experience *

Late one night in my childhood , I restlessly crossed the dark living room to the kitchen to get a Drink. Upon my return to my room I glanced out the window and in it's thin reflection I saw Behind me , standing in the corner of the room , a tall shadow. Frozen as I realized it was shaped like a person but with horns ... the front of it's face started to glow as it approached. it's face more clear .. I noticed it's hand reaching for my shoulder ~ It felt as if it was pushing through a magnetic field ... the pressure like a tree limb bending about to give way. A snap in my fear I was able to summon the ability to run. Like most children I hid in my bed ... unlike most children I didn't have a fear of the dark till that night . To this day I carry the fear of reflective surfaces in the dark . I dunno what I saw that Night ... but all I do know is that a few weeks later ... my grandpa died

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    Damn that's creepy. Sure it wasn't a dream or anything?

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      Oh I'm quite sure it wasn't , because I couldn't go back to sleep and I went on with my day come sun up