Domnul Eduard

28 April 2015 at 06:11:10 MDT

A gift dedicated to me from the exquisite and overtly finespun blue sea dragon as well as dearest and most amiable friend of mine, Blur.

Originally posted on FA, thought I would post it here too. Basically, I have a more mischievous take on the whole LARPing thing hehehe

Original description quote:

My friend blur obviously invited me to some LARPing and in my ever destructive curiosity I have thought how would it be to re-create the real deal of magic and lightning bolt especially?
Suffice to say, I had tones of fun, my friend... well, he was SURGING with happiness afterwards... I guess.
I thank you for your lovely gift, Blur!

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Original lineart:

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    I think you're onto something. I'd certainly LARP if I could play a wizard. Imagine the fireball spell... xD

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      Necromancy would be most interesting, though.

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        Tsk, I'd go for something like this -

        Indeed it would! Explaining it to the police would be even better!

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          We'd so get banned from all the LARP events... should there be any of them left after our mayhem))

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            Those that remain, shall be firmly in our power. Then we can have a good, old fashioned civil war over who gets to own it all.

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              I actually fantasized over going to a LARP event, at the nearest Orcish camp, with an authentic 13th or 14th century knight equipment (The kind you see in battle of the nations), except coloured in black or smoke-gray, force them to worship me, then maul shit around everywhere.

              After all, cold medieval steel > silicon

              You have to imagine their faces when they pretend to hit you and you just end up crashing a mace into their heads like for real.
              I love watching Battle of the Nations.


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                That is delightfully brutal, although... they don't exactly have much technique, more just run and smash them. It would be amusing to learn various techniques and bring them there. XD

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                  Who needs technique when you can go full medieval on someone?

                  Though they use technique, armed combat is never just run and smashing.Surely, they cannot use the full extent of medieval warfare techniques like half-swording because that would greatly endanger people's lives.

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                    When said technique prevents them from going full medieval on you and them ending up as the one beat up on the dirt? XD

                    Hmm, that's true. Still, it sucks the joy out of things. XD

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    I thought this was charming!

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      I was told I give surges down people's spines when I pass by them.

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    snicker .... A very "period" method of rendering your partner in partial paralysis! ;> Although not sure where you'd plug it in to charge it up back in 1372 ...