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I guess it's ok ..

I glanced at the Forum but couldn't find anything about how they changed the "download" button action a few days ago... At least for me, it no longer takes you to an image upon which you right-click and save.... now it simply downloads it immediately.

Mostly, it's good... now that filenames no longer have that goofy numeric part to the name, which the right-click-save allowed us to remove. It's not so great for people who want to add other info to the filenames which might help them, unless they go to their downloads folder as a subsequent action to rename it... so for that it's not so good.

I guess overall, it's more good than not so good. Thoughts?

Would have liked to read about it in the forum though


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    Hello, my dearest and most amiable friend! How have you been doing lately?
    Long time no see!

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      Oh, I'm around hither and thither... though it seems our flight paths have not crossed much of late... but I trust you are well, and things ain't tooo durn tootin' bad over heah either... shucks!

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    wing-hugs an awesome eagle

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      • - wriggles and squiggles and ruffles and fluffles... and breathes in happily, lovin' da downy-plumage hugness... - * ... thankyoooooooo...... ^v^
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    Woof! Woof! Eagle spotted!!! :-D

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      hehheh!! -moults a few feathers in surprise- .. Great to see you here too, my friend! :D

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    Haha, it is definitely delightful seeing you around here! How's it going?

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      Ah! Good seeing you as well! Work has been a bit more heavy the last few weeks, so I haven't been catching up here as often... but I hope you have been well and enjoying your footsteps along the weasyl trail too!