tumblr for my fursuit ! [WARNING for some nsfw content!]

for my fanwork (including material not allowed by weasyl guidelines.... woof) you can visit my pixiv gallery.

heya, im Avvy, I have 200 kinks and this gallery is a mix of sfw and nsfw! I love Neopets, cartoons, and animals.

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commissions are OPEN !

on 19 June 2018 at 10:58:52 MDT

if you would like to discuss commissioning me, you may message me here privately or e-mail
I would like to do pages of sketches, either traditional or digital, at around $40-60
traditional examples are in my gallery plentifully

digital examples fill my gallery; but essentially, it would be a similar collection of sketches.

but if you have anything else you'd be interested in, please inquire!
Happy to do nsfw & will not judge or scrutinize for any kink !

Thank you !

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    Hoi, i just stumbled upon your gallery. your art is very...alive owo I dunno how else to put it. I feel personality and ..rawness to it (if that makes sense?) it's awesome. keep it up =w=

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      thank you!! I draw quickly & messily... and will never stop. <3

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    All of your artwork is super great! I love seeing my inbox barraged with art by you. :)

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      the only way i know how to upload art is by barrage.... thank you !! I really have been loving your work so much!

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    Hi from that curly-haired guy with the button hat at ANE!

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      there it be... the One person from a con who uses weasyl... the miracle person

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        Oh, come now, I can't be the ONLY one who uses this place...right...?

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    Thanks for the fav on my lil' jacklope artdoll!