tumblr for my fursuit ! [WARNING for some nsfw content!]
heya, im Avvy, I have 200 kinks and this gallery is a mix of sfw and nsfw! I love Neopets and animals
I do commissions at cons! That's pretty much the only time to commission me at the moment, sorry! Thank you so much for any interest in my work!

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commissions open?

on 19 September 2017 at 12:43:30 MDT

Hello! I rarely open commissions, but I would like to open a few slots.

Payment will be upon completion, not before. Pieces should be completed in under a week's time!

I'M HAPPY TO DO NSFW!! I'm happy to do almost anything. I love vore, weight gain, stuffing (forced or consensual), snuff/gore, ferals/bestiality themes, crushing/smushing, BDSM, noncon, etc. If you're not sure, ask me! I'll gladly tell you if I'd be uncomfortable with an idea, or if it's simply not something I feel I can draw well.

THE ONE THING I DON'T FEEL GREAT AT, IS REALISTICALLY PROPORTIONED HUMAN BODIES! I love to draw animal characters, cartoons, and furries that have more animalistic anatomy (paws, digitigrade legs). You can look at my gallery for a good idea of what I can do well!

I would like to do $45-70+ digital 'sketch' pages.
I will doodle a single character design of yours, a handful of times on a page.

Paying less will get you looser, uncolored sketches, such as this quality (ABOUT FOUR DRAWINGS!) [top set]

Paying more can get you more polish, detail, and full color

However, you can also pay $70 and request simply MORE loose sketches. I could do you a big ol' page of many poses instead of coloring a few of them. You could request one be colored. We can discuss any pricing details!

I will not do multiple characters of yours, BUT you can request interacting with my fursona (the poodle seen in this page ) free of any additional charges. She's open to being eaten, fucked, killed, snuggled, feeding you, being fed, being stepped on, stepping on you, fucking you, if you'd like our characters to interact. We can discuss anything you'd like!

I'll delete this entry when slots are filled. I would like to only take 2.
you can reply here, or e-mail

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    Nice to see you posting again!

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      I'm honestly just so super lazy about getting around to actually sharing my art xD I'm glad someone's enjoying!!!

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    Adorable suit! Don't stop rockin' what you're about, dood.

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      thanks for the love <3! I appreciate it

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        Do you have pics of your suiting hosted somewhere? I've been wanting to share it with others, but I can't find much. It is so cute!

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          i don't have much cataloged anywhere at the moment, but in the future, when i do photoshoots, you can find photos on my tumblr under the same name as here: doggables! and also possibly on softsuits if that's to anyone's tastes. I don't have much content of her at the moment u_u but eventually i'll crack out that camera....