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a miserable and terrible girl, a sordid wretch. Welcome to my very narrow niche art! I love rodents and ungulates, but really, I adore all animals and nature more than anything. I also love neopets and cartoons! I have many kinks, and hopefully you're ok with that!

my pixiv contains fanart & porn of cartoon series; I only post a fraction of that here, and none of the porn. So if you're interested in art/porn of SU, OK KO, Undertale, Adventure Time, Osomatsu-san, and more, check it out ^^

my tumblr contains photos of my fursuit!

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dont mind me

on 9 February 2019 at 17:10:35 MST

have a good day!

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    i'm really thankful for the faves! ^-^

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    Miveal was your chocolate scorchio, right? if so, I've been looking for you! :O

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      yes! It's nice to see you again!! I would be playing neopets and posting on that blog still RN if only the website wasn't extremely broken for me rn xD I can't even sign up a new account heh.

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        they're trying a new firewall, so I can imagine yeah. glad to see you again though! :D

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    Would ya ever repost all of ya randy cunningham fanart?

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      I'm afraid I lost the vast majority of it when my old blog was deleted without warning. I have some of it I could e-mail you privately, but most of it, I haven't been able to relocate. Nice someone remembers it!

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        i'td be nice if ya could show me! do ya think ya'd make any new fanart of it in the future? im also glad peeps can see ur stuff still here and there you're art is very unique n coolios!

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    Hoi, i just stumbled upon your gallery. your art is very...alive owo I dunno how else to put it. I feel personality and ..rawness to it (if that makes sense?) it's awesome. keep it up =w=