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concerning accusations & such my dudes

STARTER-- this journal concerns something I will not and cannot post on weasyl anyway, due to weasyl's policies. I'm only placing it here because I don't really have another place to put it. I figure I should have something stated, somewhere, for whatever that might be worth, with regard to what’s…

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MFF was a lovely, lovely convention! Thank you everyone who came to my table, took a business card, and those who commissioned me! I had a lot of fun drawing a lot of very interesting and cute characters! I got pictures of every comm before it left my table (nicer ones than last con, ahaa) so I'll…

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MFF preorders are OPEN!!

I don't think I have a lot of followers here just yet lol. But to let anybody know-- if you'd like one of my $50 sketch pages, and are going to MFF, you can preorder one now to be ready for pick-up at the con :) Sketch pages contain a minimum of 4 drawings. They are sketched in colored pencil, loos…