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From today until July 1st I'm taking Color sketches for $25 (Normally $40) and Full paints for $95 (Normally $165) . I'm taking as many as I can I get. To secure a slot contact me at julisketches(@) I'll go into more detail below if you're interested in why I'm doing discounts.

If you're on my active commission list, the one on my front page of furaffinity as of this journal, you will be getting a free color sketch because you paid full price for your commissions. It's the least I could do.

To begin with I'd like to say that I don't feel very comfortable talking about this stuff. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me or my situation. However, simply put I'm dangerously close to losing my apartment. My car isn't working properly and my phone was shut off two days ago. I've nearly run out of food. I've managed to save about 30 dollars so that my dog isn't going hungry. Since the beginning of February I've been without a job. I've relied on your commissions to pay my bills while I look for a new one. I'm pretty sure I lost my job for being transgender. I was training to be a store manager and suddenly I was taken off the schedule and told i was going to another store. A few days later I was fired through a text by the owner. Everyone I worked with including the owner knew that I was trans so that's my best guess. I live in "at will" state so I can be fired for any reason at any time. Now that my phone has been shut off and my car is acting up I'm going to have trouble communicating with the places I've applied to. I don't want to ask for help directly. No charity. I grew up with a father that manipulated his family, friends and the government to live for free. I refuse to do the same. I'd prefer to offer the only marketable skill I've acquired to you fine people. And in doing so bring a bit of happiness and satisfaction to someone's life. Thank you for reading this, your interest and also thanks to those that have supported me thus far. I hope everyone is doing better than me <3

Contact me at julisketches(@)

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    WELL! A happy stumble here...You've got a lot of talent for painting! Definately a +Watch, Hope to see lots more~!

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      Thank you very much! Welcome!

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    Sorry for the face bomb, I just love what you've got here!!!

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      .... fave*

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    You've got some good work here.

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    Hey, great paintings you got there! Welcome aboard!

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      Thanks mate!