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Desmodia Terms of Service 2014

When you commission me you automatically agree to this ToS, I advise all commissioners to read my ToS.

Terms of Service

The Artist retains all rights to the commissioned artwork, including the right of distribution, (IE making prints) and retains the right to display all commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, or journal.
The Client may not commercially distribute art.
The Artist or Client are the only ones allowed to color linearts Shade or edit image in any way (watermark must be untouched at all times).
The Client may not distribute, reproduce, modify, print or sell the Artist's work for monetary gain unless granted written permission.
The Client may not exhibit the Artist's work in any online/offline art gallery, personal website, or journal as their own. Credit must be given to the artist.
Do not remove the Artist's signature or logo when it is placed.
The Artists artwork can only be posted on site where purchase was made unless given written permission.

What I can draw
I work with anthro, feral, any species, and both male and female. Your original Characters can be ordered as well as normal animals, your pets or fantasy creatures. Most all kinds of clothing are doable. Any orientation. Clean art with a theme emotion or idea behind it is done best.
I won't do Fanart of any kind or draw any copyrighted material without permission (with ordering a commission you give permission to me to use the original Design of your character).

The artist reserves the right to decline any commission.

How to order a commission

If you would like me to make you something, please send an Email order[at] with the subject 'Commission' so I know what you are contacting me for.
Please send me reference images or character descriptions/story so I have an idea of what your character looks like. If writing please be as descriptive as possible.
After you contacted me I reserve a spot for you at my To-Do-List. You will receive an answer asking for more detailed info, also for sharing contacts for payment. If I don't get an answer within 14 days after requesting I open up the slot again. You can send a new request but there won't be a guarantee I have a free slot for you open after 14 days.
The To-Do-List contains 10 spots, which are filled with commissions as well as trades and gift art. The work will be done in correct order of the list.
An order is placed when you are satisfied with a sketch I made up of what you want. We may discuss and advice each other until we get a result that satisfies artist and commissioner. If both can't reach an agreement the order will be declined and a full refund will be made. The commissioner may not use, save, distribute or sell the sketch.
Feel free to ask for updates and to show you the work in progress.
If your not present in stream or do not ask for wips I am not responsible for incorrect character interpretations. I offer wips and streaming of commissions but cannot spend a month hunting you down. I will email you and give you at least 48 hours to reply. If I don't receive any answer I will progress with the art or push you down the line and edits or refunds after finishing won't be offered or accepted.

After your commission is finished feel free to rate your experiences with me.


I take payment via Paypal. All prices are in USD and Euro.
If you live in germany, too, we can also decide to use normal bank transactions. Prices will be in Euro then.
Payment is due when order is placed.

Please DON'T send payment BEFORE I told you so.
[I don't want to feel stressed by tons payed comissions I have to finish.]

Full refunds are not applicable after a image has been lined/finished. Partial refunds can be discussed.
As the artist maintain the right to cancel a order and partially refund you, in other words DO NOT pester me after I have started your commission.

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