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Heyos everyone!

Hey hey and welcome :3!

I'm a gryphon currently living in Guelph, Ontario, going to school for entomology!

Originally from Quispamsis (Saint John pretty much) New Brunswick :3!

I've worked at the New Brunswick Museum over the past few summers, generally on entomology, specifically ants, and looking forward to staying in Ontario this year and see what experience I can get here :)!



Latest Journal

Ento-bird reporting from the field! About me meme!

WHOA it's been a while! Meant to post this a while ago but been writing a lot so a sore lack of motivation for this! Out in the field doing entomological research at the moment, but it's a thunderstorm so can't go out and figured I'd update everyone while I have time!


Anthrocon 2016 report! IT WAS A BLAAAAST! It was the first con I can confidently say that was 100% from start to finish for me. I couldn't have been happier rooming with spawts spawts, Auburntmrw Auburntmrw and ringothefox ringothefox, we had a great time together, and seeing spawts spawts face when he got his new suit was so precious!

I got to meet some of the coolest people, and a couple of my favorite artists ritts ritts and jinash jinash! Can't wait to hang out with them again. Was awesome to chat with a lot of the US folks I've been talking to online; Amaterasu1 Amaterasu1 in particular made my last morning quite fun, and getting to meet Kali and some other members of the bug crew was wicked!

I got to attend the first discussion based panel I've truly enjoyed at a con; the insect furs meet and greet! So fun, a small group but we had so much to talk about and was awesome being one of the only two entomologists (with Kali) and getting to talk to people about the field. I hope it happens again!

I can't wait to go next year! It was a great time but went by so fast, and I definitely didn't get to talk to everyone I was hoping to. Can't wait!


I've been so busy because I'm nearing the end of my thesis! WOO! I ran into a rough patch where I had to re-write the whole document just after Anthrocon (do to some error on my committee's part) and so been writing non-stop! BUT I completed it again and it's looking like the 400 page document is near its completion. Can't wait to defend and move onto the next chapter which will be my book! Stay tuned for that!


Got some great stuff on the way! I've been really slow posting lately with how busy I've been, but a lot of beautiful pieces have gotten done recently and more on the way.

I've got a few new characters I will be posting soon so be on the look out for them! One I have a poll going on looking for a name for her so check that out on my twitter: House_Gryphon

Also; will Nasi be brought to live?! STAY TUNED!


ABOUT ME Meme! Grabbed from hoot hoot and I've gotten so many followers recently figured I should do this again!

  • Name: Nasi/Aaron

  • Single or taken: ♥♥♥Taken by OneX OneX ♥♥♥

  • Sex: Dude/Don't mattah

  • Birthday: Nov 30th!

  • Sign: Sagittarius!

  • Hair color: Right now blonde, natural is a dark brown

  • Eye color: Ocean Blue

  • Height: 5' 10"

  • Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Pansexual I guess? I like em all.


  • What kind of shampoo do you use?: Varies, usually something to maintain colour. Right now I'm using an expensive one the salon I modeled for game me!

  • What are you listening to right now?: The sound of the rain on the side of the field station

  • Who is the last person that called you?: A friend named Annette

  • How many buddies are online right now?: Not sure? XD


  • Animal: Ants, Elephants, Rhinos, Bears, ohmy!

  • Colour: Most blues, a light aqua at the moment.

  • Drink: Black Cherry Soda

  • Element: Water

  • Food: Seafoooooood!

  • Game: Pokemon!

  • Movie: Howls Moving Castle, Zootopia

  • Song: Lone Digger by Caravan Palace

  • Subjects in school: Biology (Entomology!)

  • T.V.: Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, any David Attenborough documentary!

H A V E | Y O U | E V E R

  • Given anyone a bath?: Yes! It's so much fun. uvu

  • Smoked?: Nope

  • Bungee jumped?: Nope

  • Made yourself throw up?: Nope

  • Skinny dipped?: Yup!!! So awesome~

  • Ever been in love?: I DUNNO YE PROBABLY u//N//u

  • Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: I don't think so? Probably when I was really little but not in memory.

  • Pictured your crush naked?: SO MANY, YES.

  • Actually seen your crush naked?: Several yes. BUT I WANT MORE!

  • Cried when someone died?: Yeah.

  • Lied: Everyone lies, so yes? Never that resulted in someone hurt though. Honesty 100%, lieing for fun surprises ;P

  • Fallen for your best friend?: Only when he pushes me #Shitfox.

  • Used someone?: Nope. Pretty gross man.

  • Done something you regret?: Certainly, you're faced with decisions on a daily basis and some of those, in hindsight, aren't what you thought they would be. But they make you who you are, so to this point ever truly regretted an action? Can't say so.


  • Clothes: Field cloths PRETTY GRODDY

  • Desktop picture: Nasi with a nice ox fellow!

  • CD in player: Nothing

  • DVD in player: Nothing

    L A S T | P E R S O N

  • You touched: My fiance, as he walked into the rain to collect small mammals (bless his soul, I do not envy him)

  • Hugged: My fiance as well.


  • You IMed: Kali on twitter!

  • Talk to online: Again; Kali!

  • You sexed it up with: Onex Onex u//v//u a productive field season for many reasons...

A R E | Y O U

  • Understanding?: I certainly think so!

  • Open-minded?: Any good scientist should be, so yes!

  • Arrogant?: HMM MAYBE. Yeah with some things, especially in my field.

  • Insecure?: element of my sex life at the moment anyway.

  • Random?: I don't think so? I mean I'm weird but that's predictable at this point in my life right?

  • Hungry?: ALWAYS

  • Smart?: I have been told so plays with his insects

  • Moody?: No I'm pretty stoic.

  • Organized?: Yeah! Gotta be with this line of work.

  • Shy?: Certainly at first, but I've gotten waaaaaay better over the course of my masters! Can hold decent small talk. Start on insects though and OFF I GOOOOOO!

  • Difficult?: I don't think so, pretty go with the flow and optimistic ^N^!

  • Bored easily?: Nope, insects are EVERYWHERE ;D haha!

  • Entertained easily?: Yeah! :D

  • Obsessed?: Insects. And OneX OneX. I think I've mentioned them a few times during this? XDD

  • Lazy?: Certainly when I'm fried from writing ;v;

  • Angry?: No! Hard to get me angry.

  • Happy?: ALWAYS. BE. BEEPING!

  • Hyper?: Easily! Been hyper since seeing my new rhino piece ^nNn^!!!

  • Trusting?: Hard to put that into words...I've been hurt in the past so certainly not right away, but after initial connection I tend to be too trusting at times!


  • In the morning: Turn off my alarm and maybe maybe-not actually get up @N@

  • Love is: When you release a silent but deadly fart and stair at your partner to the proclamation "YOU FUCK" but they're still there in the morning anyway.

  • I dream about: A lot. I dream about super powers. I dream about big beautiful people. I dream about comfort and my love. I dream about INSECTS!

  • What do you notice first in the sex you're into: Feeling close and tight to them, and a warms of not just the bodies, but the comfort their body represents.


  • Makes you laugh the most: A tie between my brother, my best friend kitroxas kitroxas, my best friend Mike, and OneX OneX

  • Makes you smile: ALL OF MY FRIENDS! THIS WHOLE LIFE! I smile a lot...

-Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: Ohmygooooosh who do I start I mentioned earlier...So. Many. CRUSHES!

D O | Y O U | E V E R

  • Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: ALL THE DAMN TIME.

  • Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: Yeah, a lot. But I'm also happy with who I am.

  • Wish you were younger?: No

  • Cry because someone said something to you?: I don't cry much, but I do feel that same sappy feeling and COULD cry if more capable :P


  • Of times I have had my heart broken?: Really broken? Once. But it was fixed.

  • Of Cd's: I don't think I have any right now?

  • Of scars on my body: Chest is covered in them. A couple on my back. My knees. Top/bottom of my feet. Arms (from my parents cat CURSE HER!), hands...yeah a lot LOL

  • Of bones I've broken: Hmmmmmm 10 I think? Most were from falling down a cliff. A couple from sports. And a very mean door. LOL I've been in the hospital a lot...yay Canada! :D

That's all for this time! Thanks so much for reading and appreciate you all so much! Till next time!

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