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The Unwavering Blade by Deriaz

The Unwavering Blade


A painting for Izixs! Losing a duel you thought you were almost guaranteed to win, no contest, makes the cut of a sword feel that much worse.

Something about working with Izixs is always a treat. Fantastic character, and always with a fun idea. And of course, always a treat to zoom in and work mostly on a character to get him just right~ Thanks for your patience, Izixs, and I hope you all enjoy!!

Have some music!
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Critiques welcomed as always!


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    gives a thumbs down

    in all seriousness though. this art is great. looking real good :)

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    This really turned out great.............the pose and swordpoint are pretty darn perfect to me. And, as always, I love how your muscle definition looks in your painted style. :)