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3 November 2017 at 11:13:43 MDT

A painting for Mallikeet. Mallikeet entering an abandoned warehouse to make an offering to the dragon, Wrayette. The suspense over how it will be received is palpable.

This painting was biggg. I've done a warehouse/factory once before, and critiques on there centered around it not feeling believable. So a lot of time was spent with setting up my perspective properly and making sure the space felt more real. I hope it worked...! Otherwise, this image started with inspiration from INSIDE's lighting -- while that didn't apply entirely as planned, I think the nod to it should still come across.

Please enjoy~

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    Was this inspired by a book by any chance? Reminds me of one chapter from a book called Z-REX.

    This is absolutely wonderful though, you've really captured the scene perfectly. Amazing job!

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      Hmmm, I haven't heard of Z-REX, though I'm not going to lie: the teenager in me thinks that's the coolest name ever. No other books were in the references either. Just a description of the scene, a quick doodle of a composition in mind, some links to other images of the Wrayette character and writings of her, and the game INSIDE!

      Thank you so much. <3!

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    This is amazing what program did you use for this?

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      This is all Photoshop CS6 from start to end. Thank you! <3

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        Would you mind if I ask if you have a tutorial?? Or if you have telegram or Skype where I could talk to you about it? ; o;

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          Ah, sorry, I sometimes forget to check Weasyl for comments...!

          I, sadly, don't give out my telegram or Skype too often. Privacy and all. As for tutorials, a lot of my process is from bashing my head against a wall for a while until I found something that worked for me, so it's likely to be very inefficient! It makes me nervous to make anything more... "official", I guess? The closest thing I have to a tutorial that I have made is a GIF of the process of some of my work, like here or here .

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    I love the type of dragon portrayed here, the feathers and that specialized tail make me think of a cross between the standard European dragon mixed with some Aztec's very beautiful. I also like the interesting setting of being inside an abandoned warehouse of some sort--a nice mix of mythological and modern. :)

    As always, your painting is super-fabulous. Love the light streaming in from the broken roof making some nice light-shadow places in the piece! :D

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      I really do love the design Mallikeet decided on for Wrayette. She's really vibrant, stands out really well in a good dark setting. <3!

      And thank you so much. So kind, as always, keirajo~

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        It’s a gorgeous design! Very much a perfect model for a fantasy illustration! :)

        You’re most welcome! :D

        I always look forward to seeing your stuff. It makes me long to see more art like this on fantasy books, like the old days.......but now it’s all photoshopped images and people. sigh

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    Lovely background! It looks fantastic, great work on it ^w^

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      Thank you kindly! <3