Built in a Day by Deriaz

Built in a Day


29 September 2017 at 11:06:02 MDT

Prior to what you may have heard, Rome actually -was- built in a day... Well, I mean, the clean-up afterwards took a bit. Less glue, LESS!

A painting for ThornDracorn and Kurrikage. These two were previously seen guarding the deserts' pyramids, but time marches on, and cities need to be built! Kurri looks like he's doing the bulk of the work -- Thorn must have caught him knocking a building over when he thought no one was looking, or something. Make him fix it~

Thanks, you two, for another fantastic idea, and for trusting me with your characters yet again. <3! I'm incredibly proud of where this concept went and how it wound up. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Positive macros! <3

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    I'm pretty sure these guys could get it done in half-a-day. XD

    Love the way the feathered wings are painted! And their leisurely attitude in building........the postures of the characters are great! :)

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      You'd think, but the purple one tends to wander off and step on a building. You can't stop them, those macros. So we account for that, round it up to a full day~

      Thank you!! I originally had something more serious in mind... But the thought of one of them, tongue out, gingerly putting pieces on... It made me laugh. Still does, actually. Veering it into expression and posing felt natural at that point!

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        Maybe one day daikaijuu will learn to not trample or destroy buildings! Yes, you, Gojira. XD

        You're most welcome! :D I think the slight mischief/humour keeps it from being a heavy Godzilla moment, especially the weird new movie the Japanese put out--lots of massive destruction but the weirdness of Gojira evolving like a Pokemon was a bit offputting. chuckle

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    "Just . . . one more . . . piece."

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      Steady.... Steeeeady...

      And then the weight Thorn's placing on still-drying glue makes it all fall over~

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    Oh my Gosh! This is Rome ^_^ I love ancient Rome!

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      It was fun getting to dig through references and google searches to find images of what architecture and the landscape may have looked like back then. My only regret is perhaps not using more of it but it was great to have a reminder of how neat that city -- really, that whole empire's history is. It was one of my favorite topics in history back in school, art or otherwise.

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        :) Great jod indeed. I used to love ancient Rome but not so long ago i reopen it for myself. And i found a lot of amazing stuff and characters that time! :D Simple one Caligula blow my mind xD So thank you so much for this art :)