Burn by Deriaz



13 August 2017 at 10:45:07 MDT

Another half study, half personal work that I went a bit overboard with. But I was having too much fun, so I don't feel bad at all! Was worked on at the start and end of streams over the past two days.

Artherion's commission is nearly done, hoping to have it complete this evening to share within the next day or two.

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    This is gorgeous!

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      Thank you!! <3

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    The skull texture looks great............the cracks and everything! :D

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      Bone is always a treat to work with and figure out. Thanks, keirajo~ <3

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        You're very welcome! :)

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    Very nice! It's hard to critique something like this. I would say that some of the teeth appear a little flat, dimensionally, compared to the rest.

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      Understandable. I take any and all, though, even the smallest little notes. Any help is good help! And you're right about the teeth, now that I'm looking at it a day later. It looks like I couldn't quite figure out how to either round them out or fit their planes of dimension like normal teeth, and instead sat in an awkward middle ground. I should have taken a little bit more care there. Next time...!

      Thank you~! <3

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        Happy to help. I try to get in a few helpful tips in when I can, looking around the "Critique Requested" area.

        Of course, I found a few people just use that area to try and advertise longer. Tsk, tsk to them. :)

        Keep it up, I do like what you're doing.