Mind Flayer by Deriaz

Mind Flayer


5 August 2017 at 19:46:23 MDT

One of my favorite creatures, an Illithid, or more commonly known as a Mind Flayer from Dungeons and Dragons. I always see blue, purple, or teal Flayers, so when I found this beauty, I wanted to do a study of it.

I'd like to do more D&D or Pathfinder creatures for personal work... I always feel like my personal work needs to be deep or meaningful but man, I just like fantasy art. Maybe I'll make a D&D series? I've always enjoyed the thought of doing illustrations for them in the official books, or even Pathfinder. Started as a warm-up doodle/study, became a personal piece, then something to try and get me out of this funk I've been in recently. Needed something for me, sorry!

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    There's nothing I don't love about this piece! :D

    Your scales are perfect, as always.......but I also really like the armor and the furry bit on the belt--those are great touches! And I especially like your top-down 3/4 angle you've got here, too! :)

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      Ah, they weren't quite meant to be scaly! But you're not the only one to mention that across the net. I do so many dragons and stuff, I must be doing it without thinking of it. Whoops!

      And thank you so much. <3

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        Everything can have scales from now on, since you do them so well! ;)

        You're most welcome! :D

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    You know, go for it. Do a piece or two of personal art because this looks darn amazing!

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      Maybe I will! >:O!

      Thank you so much!! <3

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    Very nice. I like the outfit and the choice of colors really ties everything together. I can't help but think his torso is a bit squished, but that's all that throws me off.

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      You're not wrong there. I couldn't quite get that chestplate to sit -quite- right, so it's sort of helping the squishing effect. More study is needed on armor!

      Thank you~!