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Launch of DeltaV by Dark Violet

Launch of DeltaV

Dark Violet

Introducing DeltaV!

He's a wolf, yes, but he's a wolf with a certain condition. No, he's not an orphan with an angsty backstory or some cybernetic experiment - he's just a little mad about space and rockets. Hence why he has two solid fuel boosters attached to his sides. Because, let's face it, why not?
Little thing about Solid Fuel by the way... once it's started, you can't shut if off until it's all gone...
Oh, and they're attached by explosive bolts. Try not to make a habit of sitting next to him.

I'll have to see about doing art of this guy in the future. I think he's gonna be a bunch of fun :3

In the meantime - enjoy!

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    I want wolf command pod in KSP now, what have you done.

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      Who needs a command pod? I am a command pod!

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    So, he accelerates? (Delta-V=Change in Velocity)

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    Depending on the situation, I'd DeltaV... ANYWAY,

    Nice character!

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    That is silly in awesome ways. Or awesome in silly ways. In either case, that would be the fastest game of fetch ever!

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      He's really good at grabbing the ball.
      Getting it back might be a bit of a problem.

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    Quite the interestin' fella!

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    Hmmm... seems like this can be blamed on Kerbal.