I'm pretty independent when it comes to furry. I really like looking at pictures and playing with my original characters, but have my own way of doing things. Real animals and Pokemon are my main interests, anthropomorphic animals are a fun extension to play around with in personal endeavors.

I <3 otters

My Anthropomorphic Animal Characters
Primary fursona 1: Aerocian Avigry (anthro gryphon with osprey half, he is primarily an explorer and is of the wind elemental): image by SilencedZorn

Primary fursona 2: Rytalis Mustelo (anthro northern river otter, he is an ecologist in training as well as a keyboardist for a rock band; he can also play pipe organ; is of the water elemental): image by Toraneko

Some tidbits about me
Gender: Male/Bisexual

Relationship status: Single

Occupation: Recent Masters degree graduate of the University of Michigan and looking for a job in freshwater ecosystem management

Furry interests: Looking at art and stories, creating characters, roleplaying with my characters

Favorite species: Gryphon, otter, badger, Pokemon, sergal, raccoon, dragon

Other fandom interests: Pokemon, Nintendo, general sci-fi/fantasy

Hobbies: Drawing and looking at maps, going out in nature, watching birds and wildlife including going to zoos and aquariums, driving new places, traveling, creating my own fantasy worlds for my characters, playing Nintendo games, creating original Pokemon, singing

RL Interests: Following sports, primarily US pro and college football, and US college basketball; keeping track of national and local news; watching a select few television shows and movies

Things I don't have much of an interest in: Online videos, memes, reading journals/blogs, watching many movies or tv shows, buying art, reading fiction, browsing the internet except for a small number of specific sites, IMing/texting with a lot of people, social networking, costuming

(I tend to be shy and don't go about being social in the same way as others. Consequently, I don't use this page for social networking or anything, just as a repository for the art I find. However, I am interested in meeting new people and socializing with other furs. )


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