Reignited Volteer by Trix Master

Reignited Volteer

Trix Master

11 January 2019 at 21:47:02 MST

Ah the series that keeps giving me thoughts and ideas. We got Volteer the electric guardian from the Legend of Spyro series. Honestly I think he might be the trickiest guardian to draw. Mostly because of the marking and crest shape.

"Isn't the design from Dawn of the Dragon easier to draw?"

Absolutely not. Look at that chest, fins, and those wings and tell me that actually isn't over kill in the slightest. That and the New Beginning/Eternal Night designs of the dragons in general are thematically and anatomically better. Like body proportions they all are terrible, just Dawn of Dragon is worse in that regard giving the guardians butter teeth and same face syndrome. Well more noticeable same face syndrome for the most part.

Anyways, Volteer here is a Magic Crafter. Which I got from mainly his charismatic personality, then looking at his designs and he just pretty much fitted snuggly there. Obviously the dragon that wields a lot of knowledge of weather especially in the electricity department.

Volteer (C) Activision

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