Cronus and Me by DancingVulture

Cronus and Me


15 June 2018 at 11:33:33 MDT

Sometimes it's hard to really convey just how BIG Cronus is, so here's a photo my husband took of us at Cronus's world debut back in 2015 haha. My handsome monster moth!!

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    That's absolutely amazing. If love to have one on my wall.

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      Wahh! Thank you so much! For now I have smaller moths available, I just have to post them haha. Cronus really is a unique fellow hanging out in my house that's for sure!

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    That's really cool. Had to take for ever to do.

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      Thank you! I worked on him for a month straight, touching nothing else. I had intended for him to be submitted to a call for art for the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The building was expanding and they had a budget for art they wanted to buy, specifically from PA artists. Unfortunately they closed the submission deadline 2 weeks early, so I was too late submitting him! Now I have a giant moth in my house, haha.

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    sorry you missed the deadline but hey, i wouldnt feel one bit bad about displaying that at home!

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      Ahhh gosh thanks haha. He does make a fun conversation piece!

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    I bet so! That could turn into a family heirloom!