Graine by DancingVulture



15 June 2018 at 11:54:35 MDT

Okay, now for my biggest piece to date! Graine was made in 2016 for my second featured Kettle Creek show and later that year, my featured show at Origins Gallery. It's a crime I haven't been able to show her in person outside of those 2 instances. I've REALLY been wanting to bring her to my birding festivals, but displaying her would be... a lot... lol.
Graine measures in at 4'6"x2'7"x10". Her head was sculpted with apoxie clay and her eyes are hand painted glass carbochons, while the rest of her is wool! I again felted batt wool over sheet felt for the feathers. Her wings are reinforced with wire and cardboard, and she hangs on a wire loop in her back wing. That left wing comes off the wall more towards you. Yay sculpture!
So her body- mostly wire armature helped me size her out, but I used a few bags of polyfil stuffing to flesh out the initial shape, and then wrapped it in cloth and ribbon before I started felting over top. That saved on a LOT of wool.
Like Cronus, she's available, but not in the shop, because shipping 8C She currently is flying around my studio!
Cronus and Graine are my babies. I would love to see them find a home, but boy will I miss them more than most!

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