Cronus by DancingVulture



15 June 2018 at 11:29:56 MDT

So for whatever reason, my 2 biggest pieces, I just never uploaded them anywhere?! Time to fix that!
This is Cronus! He is a needle-felted wool Cecropia Moth measuring at 4'2"x1'10"x6" ! I used to take him to every festival for a few years there, he hung at both of my featured Kettle Creek shows in 2015 and 2016, my featured show at Origins Gallery, and he spent a few months hanging on the wall of a local winery. He has since retired from the festival life, as it's rough on him to be carted all over creation all year. He currently resides on the wall in my stairwell, enjoying the quiet life and waiting for his permanent home.
His wings are needle felted wool batt over sheet felt I cut to size. His antennae and body are also wool, over wire. He is reinforced with wire and cardboard and a thick wire sheet. This guy is sturdy and has 3 loops under him for hanging- he can hang from just the 1 on his torso, or the 2 from his wings.Cronus is my second largest felted piece to date.
He is not listed in my shop because the thought of having to ship him somewhere sounds terrifying, lol.

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