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Danaume Rook, AKA Retsujou on VCL. Techwhore, writer, and artist, honest!

Now taking commissions, trying to do one every weekday.
(No Trademarked or FanArt requests please)

Colored (One Character Only + Background): $50. (Add $25 for each additional character)

Send an email to to request.

Latest Journal

Story Commissions Open!

While my wrist and arm are too hurt to draw, I am left with only one form of active creation. Writing. Yes, in addition to being a passable artist, I am also a passable writer! Passable...

So during my recovery, I will be offering story commissions. There are going to be some rules, and some bumps in the road as I figure this out, as story commissions are far more complex than a drawing. So to begin with, here are the rules:

1: No fan fiction. I will not write stories about existing characters, celebrities, movies, cartoons, or the like. In my area, this would be considered profiting off of existing intellectual property. I'd be pissed if someone did it to me, so I won't do it to someone else. There are only two exceptions to this rule:
Exception A: If you own the character completely, and don't mind someone who doesn't know the character giving them a voice in a story, I will try, but this is at your own risk, I may not write them how you play them.
Exception B: Miss Nightfang's School for Wayward Youths. If you want a story set in the Wayward high school, I am more than happy to write it, provided all the characters involved are mine, Selene's, or yours. However, don't expect to 'win', and it will cost more.*

2: No murder, snuff, death, suicide, abortions, or scat (poop play). Any other fetishes you want in the story I am negotiable on, but these are not happening, don't ask for them.

3: The story size will be estimated by me, and you will be provided with an outline. If you approve the bid and the outline, I will ask for payment, and once payment is received, I will begin writing your story. Once finished, I will deliver the finished product to you, and with your permission I will post it online where I am able to.

And now for the pricing!

1: The first 1999 words+ = $25.00 USD.
2: Upon reaching 2000 words, and each additional 1000 words after that (3k, 4k, 5k, etc) the price goes up $25.00 USD.
*3: If the story takes place in Wayward, the price increases by $5.00 for each 1000 words, this extra $5.00 will go to [url=]Selene[/url] the creator of the Wayward universe.
4: Exceptionally difficult subjects may be subject to additional cost, as negotiated in the bid.

And now for examples of length:

A simple sex scene takes about 500 words.
A complex sex scene can take between 1000 and 1500 words.
A simple transformation takes about 500 words.
A complex or slow transformation sequence can take between 1000 and 2000 words.
A prologue or epilogue takes between 500 and 1000 words each.
World Building can take up to 2000 words, depending on complexity.
Non sex or TF 'story' depends on the level requested.
A serious story will have approximately 1 simple sex scene for every 2000 words.
A simple story will have approximately 1 simple sex scene for every 1000 words.
A simple read-and-jerk story will have 1 simple sex scene for every 100 words.

Furry stories will be posted to InkBunny:
Human stories of teen years or older will be posted to Hentai Foundry:
Child or tweenaged mind control stories will be posted to Piper's Domain:
Teenaged or adult mind control stories will be posted to the EMCSA:

To request a story commission, please email me at
Thank you.

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Art Commissions

One Character: Full Color
$ 60.00
add  Add a Character: Full Color
$ 30.00

So I have decided that it's time to update my pricing structure, so starting January 1st, my new commission prices will be as follows:

1 full color commission (including color splash or basic background) : $60.00
Each additional character added: +$30.00

I won't do copyrighted characters, scat, vore, snuff, death, heavy violence, or toddlercon.

If you want to commission me, contact me at



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