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Emergency Charity Commissions by Danaume

Emergency Charity Commissions


Hey everybody, one of my friends is unemployed and homeless, so I'm taking some emergency commissions to help them out. These will be kind of limited, so here are the rules:
1: Single character only with a simple color splash background. (Price is usually $50.00, but I'm marking it down $10.00 to be only $40.00. Half of this will go to my friend to help them out.)
2: Characters must be from Wayward or Blackwood worlds. Wayward is a kinky furry school where punishments come in the form of mind control or transformations. Blackwood is a human x-men style superhero school with far less kink.
3: You don't have to have a character at one of these locations, you can make a new character, or have one of your existing characters drawn in a Wayward or Blackwood style.
4: No upgrades to complex backgrounds or multiple character art on these.
5: Email me at if you want one. If it's not in my email, it doesn't exist.

My friend lives in the Atlanta Georgia USA area. If you are in that area, and able and willing to take in a furry who has ended up homeless and jobless, please let me know and I will send your info their way.

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