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Commissions: Open
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Story Commissions Open!

While my wrist and arm are too hurt to draw, I am left with only one form of active creation. Writing. Yes, in addition to being a passable artist, I am also a passable writer! Passable... So during my recovery, I will be offering story commissions. There are going to be some rules, and some bumps…

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Commissions and my health: Please Read.

So I saw a specialist regarding my wrist yesterday, and they ran a nerve conduction test to see if I actually have carpel tunnel or not. Good news, I don't. I won't need surgery. Bad news, that doesn't make the pain not real. There is only one thing that mimics all the symptoms of carpel tunnel tha…

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Succutember Art Sale!

I have decided to run an art sale on commissions involving succubi. During the month of September, I will be taking $10.00 off the price of any commission that features a succubus. Commission Prices (September 2015) 1: One Character Full Color Commission: $40.00 2: Add one character: +$10.00 3: Add…

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Arby's Jon Stewart Tribute Sandwich Review.

So... in honor of Jon Stewart stepping down from the Daily Show, Arby's has made a special tribute sandwich: I decided that I just had to go try it, so tonight I went to Arby's and asked for the Jon Stewart tribute sandwich. Which they... didn't have yet.…

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Fox F#@%$ Fantastic Four.

So Fox 'We took the sky' Studios has decided to make Johnny Storm black. Their writers claim that this is because most these comics were written before the civil rights movement, so there needs to be more black heroes. Okay. I can live with that. But why make Susan Storm white? Why make her adopted…

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Awrsome Restaurant! The AFK Tavern

So if you ever visit Seattle Washington, go about 20 miles north, to Everett, and visit the AFK Tavern. Not only can you rent board and card games to play at your table while you eat, the food was fantastic! Everything is video game themed, from the 1up Burger, to the 2 Player fries and tots, to th…

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Question: If I wrote an erotic ebook...

I have been thinking of writing an erotic ebook, probably somewhere in the range of a short story to a novelette. If I were to do so, and sell it for around $3.00 USD, would you be interested in buying and reading it? What kind of plot or kink focus would you most like to see? Would you only buy it…

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Commissions Open!

I am working to take 5 commissions a week. If you want to commission me, feel free to email me at Colored (One Character Only): $40. (Add $10 for each additional character, add $10 for a background) No Trademarked or FanArt requests please. It is illegal in my area to charge…

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Lady Gaga and the Muppets: Fuck you Disney.

1st: This wasn't a holiday special. This was Lady Gaga singing her new album, with the two actual holiday songs slipped in as afterthoughts. 2nd: This wasn't a Muppet's special. This was Lady Gaga singing her new album with occasional cameos of the Muppet's. 3rd: Lady Gaga gave a SHIT performance!…

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Petting Zoo Chapter 2 Poll!

I am preparing to write chapter 2 of the Petting Zoo, and I want your input! Who would you like to be the focus of Chapter 2? Each of the choices is one of the girls from Chapter 1, and the most voted for girl will be the one Chapter 2 revolves around. This will also influence fetishes and kinks pl…