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Just a cray Husky that loves Bio Luminescence~........GLOWY~!!!

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Kevin Palmer

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Life, Explained

Okay, so i want to fully explain what's going on with me.

FWA: Yes, I'll be attending, and that's set in stone, but none of it's being paid for by me. a classmate of mine at Miller-Motte has decided that he wants to experience a Fur-con, so he used some of his savings to pay for everything, with the expectation of sharing the hotel cost with other attendees. So, none of it is coming out of my pocket.

the reason i state this, is because I'm running into more financial troubles. rather, my financial troubles are piling due to my situation.
My previous journals about my move-in costs were valid, and helped greatly, but i wasn't able to raise everything i needed. the same classmate as before had let me borrow enough to move with, under the expectation that i would pay him off, albeit with as much time as i need.

I had high hopes that i would be able to get a job within walking distance in the new area, as everywhere was hiring before the move. my hopes were in vein, as I've had plenty of phone calls, but no one is hiring someone who only has customer service experience. And I've nearly had other jobs further away, but with no vehicle, i ran into countless difficulties making it to the interviews on time, much less in the nerve-free demeanor i usually present myself. So, once more I'm jobless, and bills are coming up. I've been lucky enough to get accepted into the federal Work-Study program with my school, but am only allowed 10hrs per week, making only 320 per month. That is with me being in school 8am, to 7pm Monday through Friday between class and work. so I've been looking into 3rd shift work as well. On top of that, one of my classes, Seated Massage, will be requiring me to travel to local businesses in order to perform in public, so I'm having to find time outside of school, on Saturdays and Sundays to do that. as you can imagine, not many jobs are willing to work that kind of scheduling.

On a bit of a brighter note, with the current situation, i was advised to file in the FAFSA as "Homeless, or in danger of becoming Homeless" which will actually grant me a lot of scholarship money when i return in July, so I'll have a large amount of refund money coming in then...but not yet. if anyone is interested in granting me a loan, with payback in August, I'm willing to do so.

Basically, I'm asking that if anyone here is able to help me, I'd be eternally grateful. I'm currently accepting donations at

and if you're interested, I'm also offering my meager drawing skills.
I''m opening indefinitely for "pay what you want" commissions. you pay any price you deem fit, and tell me what you want drawn. I'm completely taking any and all ideas here, no limits, and nothing i can say no to.
i will draw as quickly as my schedule allows, and with every bit of skill i can muster in order to draw whatever you can imagine.
*additionally, if you'd prefer traditional work, i can do detailed pencil drawings, to be delivered at FWA, at no additional cost.

I also hate to ask, but please share this around. Love you all~

Below, I'm going to list out all of my costs, in case someone is interested in helping me pay something specific, and just to show what I'm up against.

(all items are monthly)

Rent- $320.00
Electricity- $100.00
Bank Loan- $100.00
Laptop- $140.00
Food- $180.00
Parent Loan(through school) $75.00
Internet- $50.00
Credit Card- $40.00

Total per Month $1,005.00

I will happily answer any and all questions

Thank you,

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