Shiuk: Penismancer by Big-Red

Shiuk: Penismancer


23 October 2012 at 17:55:43 MDT

Another old pic!

Well, I better explain WHY I drew this first I guess. It was the last day of Califur, and I was totally bored, so I headed to the Furum room to doodle a bit. There, I met Midekai (who I had already met the day before) and Shiuk. I was surprised, the cute lil salamander was actually a really awesome guy in person. Friendly, funny and sweet. I naturally offered to draw him (thanks to Mid's cute beggings). HOWEVER, being the sick, sadistic bitch I am, I could never let myself draw something serious! So here you are: Shiuk, the Penismancer. It's not complete yet, I still have to ink it and add the cock-based spell he's casting in the background (hint: If you play Guild Wars, think of Meteor Shower ;D ). Still, hope you guys enjoy it!

Shiuk © Himself

Artwork © Myself

p.s. Wouldn't you just love HATE to go up against him in PvP? ;3