I'm Cybs, or anyone who has known me for a long time calls me "Chou," which is my general alias.

Hmm what else. I'm some artist that resides in the Bay Area(San Jose) in North California. I'm a pretty laid back person; just here to have a good time, make friends and share some art. A lot of the things I enjoy are pretty generic. I like talking about food, cooking, old skool techno music, video games, Nintendo, weird pop culture, and learning about people I meet. I play a lot of video games when I can, read, watching movies, long walks, exercising, and traveling when I have downtime. I also live with a fat and spoiled bearded dragon named "Vodka" at home.

I sometimes accept art trades, but its rare. I don't do requests unfortunately, as I like to surprise people with gifts instead.

I'm a fairly approachable person, so please don't be shy to leave a shout or some notes. :)

If you got any questions about commissioning art from me, please visit my FAQ site.

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HBD to me

on 13 September 2014 at 12:33:58 MDT

I celebrate the day I get older every time. Goo me~


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    Yo Cybill, long time since I seen ya, hope all is well!

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      hey man, how you been? :3

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        Pretty good and yourself? Juke reminded me of ya for that zombie icon aha and it just made me go "Should go say hi it's been awhile!"

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    hello!! your style is amazing, I just wanted to say that c:

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      Thank you for stopping by to check out my stuff!~ :)

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    Whoaa! What you do is awesome… _

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      Thanks!!! :)

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    Hellos howls :Oooooo