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I'm Cybs, or anyone who has known me for a long time calls me "Chou," which is my general alias.

Hmm what else? I'm a pretty laid back person; just here to have a good time, make friends and share some art. A lot of the things I enjoy are pretty generic. I like talking about food, cooking, old skool techno music, video games, weird pop culture, and learning about people I meet. I play a lot of video games when I can, read, watching movies, long walks, exercising, and traveling when I have downtime.

I sometimes accept art trades, but its rare. I don't do requests unfortunately, as I like to surprise people with gifts instead.

I'm a fairly approachable person, so please don't be shy to leave a shout or some notes. :)

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on 27 August 2020 at 13:28:11 MDT

Uh hey guys, I know its been forever since I submitted anything to this site, but I thought about transferring and archiving more of my stuff over at Furry Life Online, but I'm unsure what to do yet. Life's been a little crazy on my end both career and personal soul-seeking shit aside, from 2020 being a major shitfest lately, so everyone's been on edge lately, which I understand. I haven't decided what to do with this site yet, because I'm barely even on it. I'm mostly around Twitter complaining about life or submitting more recent work there, but I'm trying to re-organize my art and maybe start doing commission work again. I sometimes post to FA, because it seems to be the only bridge most people recognize my stuff there initially, so there's reasons I kept it around for awhile. I've pretty much been frustrated with being home all the time and being too comfortable remaining complacent with my surroundings. Its bothersome, because I don't like to be home all the time, but what can we do?

But I want to keep this short. A lot of mental olympics going on in my personal life that I want to keep in mind. There's been some people sending me messages and DMs. My biggest apologies about getting to them at a turtle pace due to my anxiety and depression issues, so thanks for being understanding and patient, creatures. I haven't given up drawing per say, but I'm slowly trying to expand my skills out of my comfort zone, like learning new languages, reading about Asian art history, and perhaps learning graphic design as a serious career change, because I'm not sure if I'm cut out for the visual development industry side of things.

Be safe everyone. We'll talk again. :)

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    Yo Cybill, long time since I seen ya, hope all is well!

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      hey man, how you been? :3

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        Pretty good and yourself? Juke reminded me of ya for that zombie icon aha and it just made me go "Should go say hi it's been awhile!"

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    hello!! your style is amazing, I just wanted to say that c:

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      Thank you for stopping by to check out my stuff!~ :)

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    Whoaa! What you do is awesome… _

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      Thanks!!! :)

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    Hellos howls :Oooooo