PIXELATED ACID: Further Confusion 2016 (DJMIXER) by Cybill

PIXELATED ACID: Further Confusion 2016 (DJMIXER)


6 January 2016 at 23:34:11 MST

Hey everyone. I think you guys might've seen this flyer around my Twitter recently for my friend dj_mixer DJ set happening at Further Confusion 2016 Sunday/Monday Night 1:30-230am but I wanted to post here as well. I have done flyers for him for his previous sets and were usually super dope every time he spun live. So I hope you guys will still be awake enough to check what he has in store for you. He sort of was going for a theme for 8-bit and pixels, so that was the theme for this flyer. I find pixel art pretty fun and I should play with this style pretty often. Keep in mind, I do not do these flyers as commissions.

But yea, I'll be wandering around the con the entire weekend and staying with my friend leachy. Probably eating, or helping out Leachy at her marketplace table. I'm really excited about next week even if the theme is sort of lame, but I'll make the best of it.

1/26/2016 UPDATE: You guys can now listen to the track list set that's been recorded here on his Mixcloud You might notice a bit of the record crackling noise in the background. This is proof that this set was recorded live using the SL-1200 Technic machines with vinyl/dubplates.

If you guys dig acid techno, breaks and some chiptunes to refresh your eardrums, I highly recommend that you give this set a listen. I think out of the sets that he's done in the past, this is by far my most favorite one of his. I'm happy to promote the fuck out of this talented vinyl DJ and we hope to hear some more of his mixes in the future. In the meantime, give him a shout for some love on his FA page or Twitter. :)

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