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What a time to be alive by cuerva

What a time to be alive


Here it is, the pic I was doing today during my stream. It was my very, very, very first time EVER streaming so I was pretty nervous. I noticed some were peeking around so thanks for passing by (even if everyone was very quiet sob)

So yeah I decided to finish this little pic more properly since many seemed to be looking forward to it. I'll be moving the sketchy one to my WIP folder.

I hope you like it.

**Character and artwork belong to me

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    Oh god, Crow. I love your art. I love it so much. Cathair looks so beautiful here. I love his peaceful. I love how slender is body looks and his soft face. His smile is so gentle, he's completely oblivious to the world around him, indulged in the scent of that flower.

    His hair is also gorgeous. HOW DO YOU MAKE SUCH GORGEOUS BABIES?

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      Sob, I'm glad you like it, I was afraid it wouldn't come out nicely because I was feeling very nervous while working on it.

      Oh god his hair, I love his hair but is a lot of work to do. I didn't like very much how the color looks on it but at least it doesn't look that bad. I like using undefined light sources because they make things look softer but sometimes it's just difficult to shade with something like that XD.

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        I love his hair, I love everything about this picture. Omfg. I just.. I can't. Cathair is gorgeous...

        It is difficult to shade an undefined light source for sure. >_<

        but you did really good. :3

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    I peeked in! I immediately got distracted by other things. >.> But this is a lovely picture! And it was fun to watch you color.

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      Yeah! I saw you there and I really apreciated it. Don't worry I understand you have your own things to do, still I'm happy you found it entertaining enough :3