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Flame Master by cuerva

Flame Master


Well I owed to Aya a pic of her baby Leone since A YEAR AND A HALF AGO.... I'm shameless So well, finally managed to draw it, sob. I hope you like it ♥

**Leone belongs to Archidaequiem

**Artwork by me

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    This is amazing! I absolutely love it. The way he's staring unwaveringly forward surrounded by his flames. He looks almost feral like this, it's incredible. Oh my god I want it forever. <3

    I love this! Omg I'm going to kiss you!

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      I'm really really glad you liked it, I mean it. I've been struggling all this time to make a decent enough picture to make up for my slowness so it makes me truly happy that you like it this much (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)

      Omg I love you too. i wasn't very sure about how it looked but now I'm so happy ♥

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        I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it, Crow! I'm seriously going to kiss you. You wonderful woman. ;v;

        Oh god. He just looks perfect! The flow of his hair, his facial expression, his poised and tense body language. The shine on the buttons. ;v;

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          Oh god Aya, you're making me so embarrased X3

          I'm glad the lighting came out good, I had no idea what I was doing while trying to color the shades and lights lol. It really makes me happy you like it this much ♥

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            I love it entirely! T_T


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    Lookit this awesome picture. Love the flowing hair too.
    It's ok. Sometimes it takes people a very long time to draws for others. (a friend of mine too 4 years LOL)
    We all love it no matter the lateness and look at how awesome it turns out because patience is a virtue?

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      Also I love how it looks very "old picturesque"

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      Yeah, it really took me a long time (4 years is much longer but yeah XD) I just feel embarrased when I promise requests and then it takes me AGES to do them. Mots of the time it's because I don't dare to just show up with a mediocre thing after such a long time sob. So I really wanted it to look if not great at least decent enough

      My pencil sketches tend to have that "old picturesque" look, maybe because of the texture theimage gets from the paper where I drew it after I add color. I like the way it makes the pictures look too ♥

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        Haha no no I know how you feel. I feel pretty bad if it's been two weeks. It's usually why I pump out those trades as fast as I can.
        Well you certainly did a great job! claps

        OHHH!!! Paper and pencil combined that makes a whack load of sense right there.
        What kind of paper do you use btw? It looks like it's got some really delicious texture ◕ω◕

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          I love sketching on paper, oddly enough I feel a lor more comfortable even if it's somewhat more challenging because you can't always correct your mistakes.

          I don't use any kind of special paper (I'm too poor to afford pretty paper for artists sob) What I use most of the time is cheap recycled paper I buy from "bargain sales" stores (I dunno if that's the word) and then I cut it myself and put together my own sketchbooks.

          it's a little embarrasing to say that I can't afford to buy nice and pretty art suplies anymore ( 。-_-。)

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            That's a really cool idea! Most of my paper is computer paper. Some of it is very very rippable. I think I ended up ripping the one I was working on today.
            You've got some crazy creativity there putting it all together like that. I should do that with the floating papers.

            It's not really. We're artists so the idea of a starving artist is pretty much stereotypical, sadly. I can't afford much of the nice stuff myself. Only when I'm working. >n>
            So the paper you get is texturized? It's got some roughness to it? droools Texturreeee

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              Hehe, well, I wouldn't say the paper I use is texturized. It's more like "rough and unrefined" lol. The texture is a mere accident XD. However it plays at the favor of sketching most of the time.

              I used to use computer paper as well but sometimes it'd be too "flat" and the pencil wouldn't get on it very nicely. Sometimes it felt like drawing on a waxed surface, it was terrible. I eneded up getting tired of it and decided I'd "build" my own sketchbooks. I've neen doing that for like 7 years or so now, and it's worked pretty nicely for me.

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                Oooo I like rough and refined. Sounds like you've got a good stash!
                As artists with constant ideas we always have ideas that spawn. Always. Sometimes we draw on napkins or tissue or the back of a bill due tomorrow. We draw on anything. We're universal and very industrial like that.

                Oh man is that ever true. Sometimes that's really what it feels like. I like texture but I also like it when my pencil glides on the paper LOL
                That's really cool though. I've always been in awe of those who build their own sketchbooks.
                How do you put them together? Do you sew the pages together one by one or use a hole punch? I'm very curious.

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                  Ehehe, well, for a while I considered sewing the sheets but since i carry my sketchbook everywhere and tend to draw a lot on the subway, having a sewed sketchbook was rather uncomfortable and difficult to handle in that kind of outdoors situation, so I searched for other ways.

                  I perforate the sheets and pass a plastic spriral through the holes so it looks pretty much like a regular notebook. Of course I need some tools to do it but close to the place I live there's a workshop where I can take my sheets to get perforated for very little money, and they usually do a very neat job. THIS is how my current sketchbook looks like :3

                  (I know the photos are very crappy, I'm sorry =_=)

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                    WOOOWWWWWW that looks so professional!! It looks almost like mine (and that was store bought)
                    This looks awesome! And I agree with the sewing. I mean sometimes it's alright when you're not in constant motion but being right handed it's a pain in the arse sometimes. (so I end up using the left sides as a scrapbook)

                    That looks really cool. I'm actually quite amazed. I knew a girl that would make her own sketchbook in my high school art class. It looked nothing like this (although I had always found that idea inspiring) u

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    that's hot

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      Indeed it is LOLOL