My mongrel mine by cuerva

My mongrel mine


25 March 2014 at 14:13:58 MDT

Cano's being possesive and protective over Adelaide... but I have no idea what is the reason for that XD

Random OC doodling. I had no idea who I was drawing until the very last moment and though it's pretty messy, it's not THAT bad..... nah, it is. Ugh. Can't draw =_=

**Adelaide (brown hair) belongs to Archidaequiem

**Cano & artwork belong to me

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    I love Cano. I love Adelaide. I love them together most of all. Cano is absolutely perfect for him and DON'T ASK ME WHY BECAUSE YOU KNOW THE ANSWER. ;v;

    Adelaide's face is so damn adorable in this. ;v;

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      Oh god what can I say? I love them too, they work SO WELL, damn. it's hard to believe.

      I'm pretty satisfied with Adelaide here, I think this is the first time I draw him and it doesn't look bad at all. He looks like him, which is awesome I think XD

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        I love them together. You have no idea. Oh god. They give me so many feels. I can hardly stand it. It drives me batty. ;v;

        Adelaide really does look like himself there. I still wonder what Cano is protecting him from. ;v;

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          I too wonder what he's protecting Adelaide from. I drew the pic without having anything specific in mind so it baffles me why is Cano making that face and being al protective and possesive XD

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            Maybe someone tried to touch him.

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              I'd say that's the most probable reason XD

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                Probably, knowing Cano. XD

                Might also explain why Adelaide is so teary.