Ominous (colorless) by cuerva

Ominous (colorless)


1 April 2014 at 18:25:45 MDT

So... many... lines...

In the end this pic turned out TOTALLY NOT the way I had seen it in my head. I messed up a lot of things, height difference, "composition"... and it's SO DIRTY. Still I was considering to do a proper inking and coloring out of this... BUT LOOK AT ALL THOSE LINES -cries-

Probably I'm only doing color for this one, but I dunno yet. For th time being I just want to move onto something else I need to start preparing a good friend's birthday present sob

**Damir and Ainsley belong to Archidaequiem

**Erjon (braids) and artwork belong to me

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    Oh my god, Crow. This is amazing. What are you talking about bad height difference? Damir lost two inches at most, calm down. It's amazing. It doesn't matter that much. This is awesome. I love how you made this like a promo cover or something to a book. ;v;

    I always wanted to do something like this for Dark or Leone but god, so much work. Ainsley looks creepy as always, much like he should. ;v;

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      Oh really? ;w; I thought I had made Damir way too short so it's kind of a relief to know that's not the case (even if he's still short)

      I like these kind of pictures a lot but they really are a lot of work (you totally have to do one for each Dark and Leone, yep), however it's very rewarding when you actually manage to finish one. The compossition didn't turn out very well but i had to try.

      I'm glad I made Ainsley look creepy enough despite his acidental fabulous hair XD

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        We can just pretend he has amazingly fabulous hair. ;v;

        I've tried to do one of these before but ugh I never finished it. :(

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          Try again D:

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            Weh. It's so much work. ;-;

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              Yeah I know, but you can still do it. You've done pretty big pics before. You can totally do it :3

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                T_T SOB.

                So much work. I wouldn't even know who to start with.

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                  StrartwithDark ehehehe