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"Anthro" in "Art" SUPPORT MEEE!

on 23 April 2014 at 15:28:26 MDT

Hello everyone!

So I'm trying to set up a new support system for social networking. I've been attempting to make myself stand out a bit more as a professional, and my goal in the end game, is to really bring a better name to the anthropomorphic art community, and to help extinguish the 'bad flavor' people seem to have in their mouths when they hear the word 'anthro.' I'd like to see Anthro art as widely accepted as any other art form before I die-- and I don't think I'm alone! And I am obviously not the only artist doing this--- I would like to help out with this effort as best I can. But to become well known, I need the continued support of my fans.

I think to begin that quest I need to get off my lazy ass and seriously ask for your support. Since my future plans in art hold onto the fact that I am a 'fine anthropomorphic artist' my fans here are incredibly important to me being successful, since you are the heart and soul of the Anthro community.

So in order to inspire people to start supporting Anthro Art in a community that isn't Anthro, this summer I am going to start posting artwork on sites outside of Weasyl and Furaffinity first. Newer pieces will not be posted on Furaffinity until 2 weeks AFTER it has been published on other websites. I'm hoping this will urge people to support me on other websites before supporting me here. This choice has NOTHING to do with Furaffinity or Weasyl. In fact, it is just the opposite -- I am doing this to support the Anthro community. If Anthro Art stays within the confines of the Anthro Community, then the community will continue to be reclusive and somewhat mysterious.

I mean to redirect attention to OTHER websites so that people who aren't part of the furry community are getting subjected to Anthro art on a more normal basis. I'm hoping this choice will lead to Anthro art being seen by people who are not accustomed to it. If I continue to get favorites here, instead of getting reblogs on Tumblr, then I am not helping myself nor am I helping the Anthro community become more understood. It is important to me that I subject others to this genre, so that we can become more respected as a whole.

And just to clear this up -- since I know that it will be mentioned. When I say "Respected as a whole" in no way do I mean to slight this idea that "there is no fetish in Anthro." In fact, there is fetish in EVERY genre, and there is nothing wrong with it. I hate this idea that Art has to be something that everyone enjoys. That is -not- true. There is no reason to hide sex in my opinion -- because every genre has it. EVERY genre. That's not what I'm attempting to do at all! The greatest part of art is that it is allowed to be weird, and it is allowed to be edgy.

I try to be very proud when I tell people in the professional industry that I consider myself an Anthro artist. I have gotten scoffed at only a few times, by people who didn't understand. Other professional, well-known artists, have been very curious about the community-- not freaked out. Truth is, they simply do not know enough about Anthro to know what to think. They are just excited to be hearing about something interesting and new.

That being said, I'd like to ask for your support on sites other than Furaffinity and Weasyl. Reblog, Like, Share on other websites. The likes and reblogs mean way more to me than the favorites! Every reblog on Tumblr I get could mean another person learning about Anthro. And that goes for anyone--- not just me. If you know an artist on a non-furry website, posting furry art-- give them SUPPORT! The community needs this!

You can support me, and get updates on all of the following websites.
Facebook: LIKE ME! Share!
Tumblr: Follow me! Reblog!
Twitter: Listen to me fuss!
DeviantART: Not as important as the others!
My Website: Now updated as often as Tumblr.

Any Waitlist or Commission openings will now be listed on other sites first to promote followers on other sites to get more excited.
Sales on Prints that go up in June will be posted 2-3 days after posts made on other sites.

I cannot stress enough that this has nothing to do with Weasyl. This has to do with the benefits of my community that I am tied so strongly to. It would be a lovely sight to see other artists join in.

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    Your style and talent is amazing!

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    C-c-c-coyox! <3

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      Does dat mean dey be frum de Planet Vega?

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    I adore the atmosphere and color in your pieces. I also have immense respect for how you do your oil paintings and how I literally cannot tell the difference between them and your digital stuff. Beautiful work!

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    Oh hai! Nice seeing you here :)

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    oooo your stuff is lovely!

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    I know I dont generally say much (kind of a lurker by nature), but dude, your art is the bomb