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I like doing cute and fun sexy cartoons.

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Taking Requests?

I've done this on tumblr before, and I'm kind of tired of the four things they request over and over so I thought I'd try it here as well. Leave a comment and I'll get to the ones that peak my interest.

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Character Sheet

Fully Featured Character Sheet
from $ 350.00
to $ 700.00
Turn Around
from $ 25.00
to $ 50.00
Turn Around, notes and emotion/action sheet
from $ 150.00
to $ 250.00

Hour Hire

Full Hour Hire
$ 40.00

character sheets
The character sheets come in three flavors
-Turn around, which is a quarter view and a three quarter view. Price varies based on character complexity
-Three Page Character sheet, which includes the turn around, and then a page of notes/actions and a page of emotions/actions to give people a better impression of your character.
-Fully Featured Character Sheet, which is 7-8 pages. This includes a full turn around (front, back, quarter, side, three quarters), an emotion sheet, a story sheet, two action sheets, costume options and an additional page for sensual notes.

hourly hire
Hire me to do an hour worth of work for you! I will stream what I am doing and you are free to dictate what you'd like me to draw, with changes on the fly.
You can hire me for intervals of 15 minutes (10 dollars) as well.

Every commission comes with a free 500x500 avatar in limited color.



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    Thanks for the fave!

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    Is that a bit of John Kricfalusi influence in there?

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      A bit! His lessons about cartooning relating to the Preston Blair animation book were a huge game changer in the way I draw, and before that Ren and Stimpy was my jam as a tyke. That said, a lot of his influences are my influences too.

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    So, what are dark hugs exactly? :O

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      It's the name of the vampire who runs the hotel in Hotel Cumsylvania. I was jotting down as many characters as I could think of for porn stuff when I first started drawing this stuff semi-seriously, and I thought that name was so delightful that I decided to make it my screen name.

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        Oh cool! :D I always thought you had a snazzy name, so I was curious where it came from. :)

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    OMG you followed me back ???? sjhruthhfgjhytjt WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    Hello there, thanks for following =]