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Cobalt Wolfpaw

Cobalt Wolfpaw / 31 / Male / Somewhere needing good help.

"Live life, be safe, stay out of trouble, and help others out, will ya? Plus, please report any troublemakers you see, all right? I'll be glad to straighten them out. Free of charge. ;-)"
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For those of you who don't know, I am the chief of the task force "Law Keeping Master Brigade." It's my founded band of crime fighting vigilantes who search about the land seeking any troublemakers that they come across. Anyone who follows or befriends me becomes an honorary member of my force, whether it be from anyone small, normal, or giant. Heck, it doesn't even matter which species you are, as long as you can help make the world a safer place for everyone out there. ߘ ߑ



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    Thank you for the follow, Cobalt!

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    Thanks for the follow! But sorry I don't accept random friend requests.

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    Thanks a bunch for the fav! :D

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    Hiya you good Weasyl-ers! It's your good mega wolf cop Cobalt Wolfpaw here with another message for y'all. First off, it's great to be here. I've seen lots of things, including nice families, sweet looking cities, and the spread cheer and joy of everyone. It really warms my huge heart. Second, it's only one week until Christmas Day. So I hope none of you kids out there have been naughty, or things may go south for ya with Santa Clause, so be good. Also, crime has been stepping up all over, and it's given me a lot to get done. But still, no complaints from me. I love protecting and serving you. Consider it my gift to every one of you hard working people out there. I gotta go. Those superstores aren't gonna be safe while bad guys are still out. Have a merry Christmas! Love to you all! <3 Peace on Earth! ;-D

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    Thanks for faving!

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    Thanks for the faves :)

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    Thank you, kindly, for your fave of my growth/shrinking tale, "Vengeance on a Sliding Scale"; I greatly appreciate it!