Alteirian Legends - Sailor's Fire by Clove Darkwave

Alteirian Legends - Sailor's Fire

Clove Darkwave

30 October 2014 at 21:21:02 MDT

This will be the first in what I hope will be an entire series of works I'd like to do in order to add my own touch to the lore of the world of Alteir that my Fiance has created.

Recently we've been working together on the lore for the Kraken. Meaning all of them as a kind, not an individual. They're perhaps the most fearsome beasts to dwell within the deep places of the seas, ancient beings that act as wardens to the prisons of some of Alteir's most timeless and dangerous foes. The oldest Kraken are on foot (tentacle) with the Primordial Dragons, and they are not your friend.

Many races of Alteir take up the sailor's life, and the lines within only represent a few of the prominent ones. All have their own ideas to be sure, but all know of the terror these mysterious entities represent. They come without warning, and when the maelstrom begins few could hope to escape.

Some of you who are familiar with weather phenomena might recognize this as being extremely similar to "St. Elmo's Fire" as it is usually called and it is definitely inspired by it. Sailor's Fire is said to be the spirits of the dead devoured by the Kraken warning their living counterparts away from their fate. Perhaps it is, or perhaps it is not.

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    This legend will make a fine addition to the ever-growing stack of stories and lore I'm compiling for Alteir. Now that Inktober is almost over I can finish that one lore story and submit that, and hopefully supplement these with more art, maps and the like.

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      I'm looking forward to it! This just gets more fun as times goes on, don't you think?

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        When a given world created starts to feel like a living, evolving thing? Yes, definitely.